My Pets

  1. Trixie (My Dog)

  2. She is a terrier mix and is 3-4 years old. The reason we dont have her exact age is because she was found in the wild and was brought to a shelter were we adopted her. Trixie is very energetic, loves to play and to bite on things in a tug of war kind of way.

  3. Moe (My Tortoise)

  4. He is a dessert tortoise that is 17 years old and loves to eat bananas. He was rescued when he was young and was nurtured back to health.

  5. My fish (Plecostomus - Catfish)

  6. I have had several fish over the years but they have come and gone but the ones that are still alive to this day are my plecostomus's. One is at least 16 years old while the other is a few months old. We never got around to naming them so we just refer to them as our plecostomus's.

My Favorites
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